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FA Rosenheim 156/107/00079  (Förderung internationaler Gesinnung)
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Bank details: Raiffeisen-Bodenseebank Lindau
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The purpose of the association is the distribution of the Science Akram Vignan in the form of:
- Inner and outer peace
- The ability to deal with everyday situations in a more loving, non-violent, mindful, peaceful and conflict-free to deal
- To recognize and dissolve fear, anger, stress, greed, and deception in oneself
- The integration of their own mistakes and not to look for them in the outside and to shift
- The intention and implementation not to hurt, criticize, offend or insult anyone, any living being or foundation of any religion, in any way and to live in a measured and balanced way that is accepted by all points of view.

The purpose of the statutes is realized, especially by making known and spreading Akram Vignan, the spiritual science, in Germany and in the West. By organizing and conducting Satsangs and events. By translating books, DVD's and other media and distributing them. The aim is to create and provide a platform to ensure the deepening and stabilization of this knowledge, and to support people to understand and implement this science.

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