The stepless path to self-realization


Akram Vignan is a spiritual science with the unique ceremony Gnan Vidhi.

The awakening to your true self. The experience of the nature of eternal bliss.
Self-realization is easier than you might ever have imagined. It's as easy as coming home. Self-realization means experiencing and then knowing (and experiencing) the nature of the self, what your true nature is, and what is the role in that body.
This 'I' is eternal. This 'me' is who you really are. This 'I' is God. This 'I' is present in all living beings. This 'I' is the self. This 'I' is self.
To recognize and experience this 'I' in its impeccability, its purity, its exclusivity and in its realm, with all its qualities, is called self-realization.
This self-realization is now available and possible for you. Yes, she is waiting for you. There is the one in you who yearns to return home. If this were not the case, then you would not read these lines, you would not need them, your work would be complete.
Now the time has come. You arrived and the gate is open. Your inner intention is there. Your readiness is there. There are no words, just experience.

We invite you to receive the unique gift of Akram Vignan

AKRAM VIGNAN EVENT 2020 in Willingen

24. April 2020, 10.00 clock
26. April 2020, 14.00 clock / 27. April 2020 19: 00 clock
Sauerland Stern Hotel, Kneippweg 1, 34508 Willingen
Registration from 8.00 - 9.45 clock
Please link to Hotel booking to use for the Sauerlandstern Hotel!
99 € for the Gnan Vidhi EVENT (for proportionate room costs and vegetarian lunch)
More information about the event can be found here Program.
The satsangs are conducted in English and simultaneously translated into German via headphones.

Additional childcare (from 24 years) will be offered for the time of the event from April 26.4.2020-4, XNUMX. You will find detailed information when you register.

Jai Sat Chit Anand

Awareness of the Eternal is bliss