The Akram Vignan Event is a spiritual seminar and is for the awareness of the self. It requires that a person have a mature, stable perspective. However, this event is not designed to address specific emotional issues, nor does it serve as a substitute for medical treatment or sensitive mental health counseling. Nothing in this event constitutes an attempt to make a psychiatric diagnosis, nor does the course establish a doctor-patient relationship between the participant and the course instructors or organizers.

I understand that if I have special emotional, mental or other health needs, I should contact appropriate professional health care, outside the scope of the Akram Vignan event. If I am receiving psychological and/or psychiatric treatment, I will coordinate participation with my therapist.

For this case I send the written certificate of the therapist, about a harmless participation in the event, BEFORE by mail: Akram Vignan Germany e.V.. * Lehen 10 * D-83564 Soyen or by e-mail: info (at) akramvignan.eu, to.

IMPORTANT: Photo and film recordings at the events: I acknowledge that at the Akram Vignan Germany events film and photo recordings will be made. (Note: Should you not wish to be recorded, please find a seat in the back rows. For questions asked during the Satsang in your immediate vicinity, we ask you to find another place for that moment on your own responsibility. You are welcome to contact us personally at the beginning of the event, so that we know about your wishes and can take them into consideration as best as we can).

By clicking the button "Disclaimer" (during online registration) I confirm that I have read and agree to this disclaimer!.