Here you will find the information to successfully participate in a LIVE WEBINAR of the Akram Vignan Academy. 

Every Webinar is a gold mine where you can hear how people apply this knowledge and discover profound peace and bliss within themselves. 
Every Webinar is different because the participants, their questions and their energy determine what is revealed. Many people enjoy attending multiple Webinars as they feel a new level of clarity and joy with each meeting. It's all free!

We focus at the Academy Live Webinars (Sundays 10.00 am - 12.00 pm PST) together with the participants of the Akram Vignan Academy on very special topics of the Science Akram Vignan. 


  • What does egoism mean and why does almost every one of us live it ? (The Science of Karma)
  • What is karma and how do we create it? Can it be stopped? (The Science of Karma)
  • Why do we not need to worry and how do we succeed in everyday life? (Whatever happens is justice / The fault is of the sufferer)
  • How do we create real peace - within us and around us? (Life without conflicts & Pratikraman)
  • Who is the real doer? How do we avoid clashes? Why do we suffer? (Avoid clashes)

True knowledge is that which is present in all circumstances and provides solutions at all times. This Science is like that. It not only connects you to your real YOU, but likewise provides deep insights that enable you to joyfully accept your life as it is and transforms your relationships with everyone around you.

To get a glimpse of this life-changing Science, visit the Academy and LIVE webinars.

Schedule Akram Vignan LIVE WEBINARS

Sonntag, 19.02.2023 14.00 - 16.00 AM (MEZ)  Thema: 'Die Wissenschaft von Karma - Teil 1'

MARCH 2023:
Sunday, 03/12/2023 10 AM - 12 PM (PST) Topic: 'The Science of Karma - Part 2'

Sunday, 03/19/2023 10 AM - 12 PM (PST) Topic: 'Whatever happened is justice - Part 1'

Sunday, 03/26/2023 10 AM - 12 PM (PST) Topic: 'Whatever happened is justice - Part 1'

Direct link to the Zoom LIVE WEBINAR

or log in with the ZOOM app: Zoom Meeting ID: 821 2376 5451 Meeting passcode: dada

ZOOM MEETING: Various ways to participate Live

To be part of the direct interactive Satsang live via computer, please register at download the and then, after registration, go to 'JOIN a Meeting' and enter the Meeting-Conference No. 821 2376 5451 . Password dada !

DIRECT-LINK: Here we go direct Zoom-Link to Live-Satsang 

Detailed instructions and information on how to register can be found here: Registration ZOOM .

The dial-in numbers for the introductory phone conferences:

Germany: +49 69 50502596
Netherlands: +31 - 20 241 0288

Wait for the announcement - then enter meeting number 82123765451 #, and when prompted, then enter the password (dada) and click the # again.
After dialing in, please mute the microphone of the phone by *6. When you want to talk, activate the microphone again by *6. This is a valuable support so that everyone can listen freely without background noise. Thanks for that!

We look forward to seeing YOU and your friends
Jai Sat Chit Anand.


We are so grateful for the grace of knowing Akram Vignan and want to make this unique gift and possibility of liberation available to many. That is why we offer Introduction Events where you can learn more about Akram Vignan (hear it from people who have already experienced it) and gain insights.
The information events are free of charge and are conducted by the Akram Vignan Team.

Cancellation of the live events 2020

Wir entschuldigen uns für etwaige Unannehmlichkeiten - leider sind wir aufgrund der Umstände von Covid 19 gezwungen, das Akram Vignan EVENT 2020 abzusagen. Daher haben wir auch alle anderen Einführungs-Events abgesagt und werden deshalb nicht live bei den Vortrags-Veranstaltungen sein können!

Wir bieten aber weiterhin die Möglichkeiten der Begegnung, und freuen uns, dich bei den Online Zoom Präsentationen und der Akram Vignan Akademie kennenzulernen.

Du findest über die AKADEMIE WEBINAR Seite alle wichtigen Hinweise, um in den nächsten Wochen einen Vortrag
mit uns zu erleben.  

Dafür haben wir zusätzlich eine neue Akram Vignan Online Akademie entworfen. Du kannst jederzeit starten und die Wissenschaft von Akram Vignan in deiner eigenen Zeit erforschen. Mehr Informationen auf der AKADEMIE INFO Website.

Wir freuen uns darauf, DICH und

deine Freunde online zu sehen.
Alles Liebe
Jai Sat Chit Anand
Akram Vignan Team