The following Introduction Webinar Video teaches the basics of the Spiritual Science in 90 minutes. Watch it and experience how it touches you from the inside out. This video is now available on YouTube and replaces the former basic Introductions. 
You don't have to join a club to enjoy this precious science, there are no rules you have to follow, it's not a religion or cult and you don't have to change your life or give up anything to have these experiences. And... it is and will remain all free of charge.
Here you can find a recording of a LIVE WEBINARS (an online introductory event) on the science Akram Vignan.

Dringend empfohlen: bitte schaue dieses Video vorher, bevor du an einem LIVE WEBINAR teilnimmst.

Highly recommended: please watch this video before joining a LIVE WEBINAR.

Contents of the above INTRODUCTION-WEBINARY
Akram Vignan - Who, How, What?
  • Who is the founder of this spiritual science?
  • How does the science work?
  • What is Self-Realization?
  • Who am I?
  • Who is the real doer?
  • How does karma work? What is karma?
  • What does Gnan Vidhi mean?
  • What does true liberation mean?
  • What is so special about Akram Vignan?
If the Introduction-WEBINAR has made you curious for more, then this would be the 3 next helpful steps for you to gain more understanding, to prepare yourself in the best way for the Gnan Vidhi ceremony, to actually experience the Gnani Pujyashree live in Willingen in April.

  1. Application for Akram Vignan ACADEMY
  2. Participate in more LIVE WEBINARS on various topics of the Science.
  3. Registration to the Akram Vignan EVENT 2023 in Willingen

    Everything is free of charge (Academy, Webinars, Gnan Vidhi Event). Only for the event you pay a small contribution to the conference-room fee, as well as the cost of the vegetarian, vegan lunch buffet.
    Here you can find free booklets to download, which are very supportive to learn about the Science.