Important Information

The Academy's online study program is designed in modules that build on each other. You can study comfortably, from home, in the time that suits you best. You will receive an email once a week with inspirational videos and powerful texts that you will find valuable. Every 3-4 weeks there will be a live Web-Seminar (satsang) to clarify questions and deepen your understanding.


Anyone who is interested in this science, can join at any time and always starts with Module 1.
All questions can always be asked in the respective following live web-seminar. There we focus on short videos, with answers from the Gnani himself, so these satsangs are very clarifying and extremely supportive.

Therefore, we encourage every participant to take advantage of these live web-seminars as often as possible. You are welcome to join regardless of how far along you are in your self-study. Please note that we sometimes repeat topics due to different entry times of participants, but that's always a good thing! After a short time, you will experience the value this brings to your everyday life.

In the Webinar we will hear some testimonials and perspectives from participants of recent online ceremonies. These are very useful in gaining clarity on what to expect and prepare for. And of course we will answer all questions about the online Gnan Vidhi.

Contents of the Web-Seminars

  • Valuable information condensed and summarized
  • Energizers, videos, living examples
  • Finding immediate solutions for daily life
  • Get to know and use Pratikraman
  • Understanding the basics of science
  • Perfect preparation for Online Gnan Vidhi
  • Gain more equanimity and confidence
  • Get clarity and understanding
  • Deepening and stabilizing what has been learned
  • Joy of life and increasing easiness
  • Getting to know the Mahatma Family


Gnan Vidhi

Due to pandemic circumstances, the next English ONLINE GNAN VIDHI will be conducted by AtmaGnani Pujya Deepakbhai at End October 2021.

The requirements for participation are:. Online study of the Academy, reading the complete booklet 'Self-Realization'. You can also join the preparatory satsangs (web seminars) online on the mentioned dates (see below). You can get more information about the Online Gnan Vidhi at the web seminar dates, or at the ONLINE introductory evening.

ACADEMY Web-Seminar Schedule 2021


Sunday, 17.10.2021 10.00 - 12.00 AM (PST)

Sunday24.10.2021 10.00 - 12.00 AM (PST)

Sunday14.11.2021 10.00 - 12.00 AM (PST)

Sunday, 21.11.2021 10.00 - 12.00 AM (PST)

Sunday, 05.12.2021 10.00 - 12.00 AM (PST)

Successful participation in a ZOOM conference.

ZOOM Informations

To join the direct interactive Satsang live via your cell phone or computer, please register at , download the and then after registering go to 'JOIN a Meeting' and enter the meeting conference number. Then enter the password !
You can find detailed instructions and information on how to register here
: Registration ZOOM

ZOOM Meeting - Login Data

Meeting-Conference No. 821 2376 5451 (Password: dada)

Click here to directly join the LIVE Satsang: direct Zoom-Link .

ZOOM By tablet or telephone

PHONE: Wait for the announcement - then enter the meeting number # again.
For more information: ZOOM with phone.