Akram Vignan briefly explains ...

YOU are the source of happiness - stop looking for it anywhere else!

Problems come and go ... but your 'real happiness' remains unchanged. The way to permanent happiness is

to discover your true Self.

Akram Vignan is a practically applicable spiritual science and an abbreviation on the path of self-realization - a path to liberation.

What makes Akram Vignan so UNIQUE:

  • An effortless way in which one becomes aware of the Self (Atma) through the grace of the Gnani in only two hours.

  • It is a spiritual science and not a religion. You do not have to change your religion or your spiritual teacher.
  • It is a result-oriented spiritual science that brings positive change in your life and relationships.
  • Akram Vignan is a science of intent. It is not a way of acting, but of understanding.
  • Akram Vignan is a shortcut to true happiness and offers simple solutions to all everyday challenges.
  • There is no need to give up anything, leave the family or renounce comfort.

Who is Akram Vignan for?

Should any of the following address you,

dann welcome to exploring this science

You are looking for true love.
Inside as well as outside.

You are looking for lasting happiness in life, but have only experienced happiness that comes and goes.

You have gone several spiritual paths, but you still do not feel right yet.

You long for harmony
and security in your relationships.
(Partnership, parents, children)

You are looking for solutions to work with
To handle stress situations better.

You are always plagued by various kinds of worries. You would like to be free and lead a contented life.

What our participants say:


"Akram Vignan creates absolute acceptance in life. It gives me incredible self-assurance. No ego security, but true SELF security. How many times have I always hoped to experience true happiness, which is constantly felt, as well as a life balance full of equanimity. Now everything is there, very easily - and also in a community of like-minded, which carries and supports you. With this new perspective, life really does make sense. "

Marion Bühler


"I've been searching for the deeper meaning of life all my life, my first
Attended meditation seminar with 13 years. Have done a lot of research and had wonderful spiritual teachers. With Akram Vignan my search stopped and I arrived home.
What really touches and excites me about Akram Vignan is its ease of use in all (relevant) everyday topics. You get essential keys that greatly simplify and enrich your life and provide clear, practical solutions - for young and old. "

Franz Christian Traxler


"... after the Gnan Vidhi, the unexpected, the indescribable and the loftiest, that was ever experienced in this life happened: pure grace. My ego broke up. Pure bliss and pure love expanded! That was it! I knew I was home, the search was over and in fact there was never a seeker, because THAT has always been there! There was no rating in this awareness. Here everything was as it should be, there was nothing to do or to be. I am and everyone around me was ... are ... this unconditional love ... words really can not express what existentially happened to me ... "

Jessy Travljanin


"I just feel arrived. My search has stopped completely. I have arrived home and I recognize that this inner peace is there, whole and unshakable and completely independent of everything. I feel like I'm finally free. "

Katja Hess

Is Akram Vignan really for me?

Transform your life - Realize your true self

Who is it for:

  • For all who want more satisfaction and joy of life.
  • For those looking for effective solutions to their everyday challenges.
  • For all who want to dwell in their bliss, no matter what the external circumstances are.
  • For all who are looking for the meaning of their life and finally want to arrive at "home".

For whom is not it?

  • For those who are always completely satisfied with all situations of their lives.
  • For those who want everything to stay the way it is.
  • For those for whom all their life wishes have been fulfilled.
  • For those who are no longer searching because they have arrived.

The event in Willingen, Germany

In order to be able to hold the events in Europe, we, as a non-profit association, pass the accruing room costs to all participants.
Therefore, there is for that Event in Willingen a Conference package of 33 € per participant / day (incl. lunch buffet + water & tea

in the seminar room.
You will find more information when you register for

EVENT - if this is possible again after the pandemic.

Akram Vignan is free of charge.

In general, the events and satsangs with Pujya Deepakbhai are always free worldwide.

The same goes for that Akram Vignan ACADEMY, their webinars and all ZOOM Online Satsangs.

All satsangs, presentations, the modules of the academy - everything is freely available and free of charge.
All booklets can be downloaded free of charge or ordered from the shop for a small fee (2-5 €).

The event is free.

In general, the events and satsangs with Pujya Deepakbhai are always free worldwide.

In order to carry out the events in Europe, we, as a non-profit association,
the accruing room costs on all participants around.
Therefore, there is for that Event in Willingen a Conference package of
33 € per participant / Day (including lunch buffet + water & tea in the seminar room).
In total, there are 99 € for the event. (132 € incl. Special day)

Convince yourself

This is a conversation behind the scenes of Akram Vignan Germany eV

We are very aware that whatever we write and say can be seen from different angles.
Are we too euphoric, then some see it with suspicion. Are we restrained, may the opportunity be missed,
to convey how precious Akram Vignan really is. Please examine it for yourself.

"Akram Vignan is coming to the West "
Insights into the origins of science

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You are the source of happiness -

Stop looking for it somewhere else.

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